Allow labels to be drawn on top of tokens

Emoji ON tokens would be pretty amazing for flexibility. You can add a token name as an emoji which is amusing to use as is :sunglasses::+1: but how much cooler would it be if you could drop a bunch of emoji goblins on your players :japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin::japanese_goblin:

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Moved this feature request out from Different Shape Tokens since it’s fairly self-contained.

There’s been a little discussion of having labels drawn on top of tokens in a prior thread but there’s no thread dedicated to it until now. From Feature Request: Tokens with Art :

something like this for single character / emoji labels? could use the existing colour palette label logic to pick the font colour.


I’d love that - only issue I can think of is FoW indicator isn’t easy to see then… but on the other hand FoW on tiles under the current label is difficult to see so…