Feature Request: Copy Map

I keep on thinking of simple little tweaks that would be very useful. Is there any way to copy a map? The reason I would want to do this is I’m drawing a map for a 2 story house let’s say. The footprint of the house is the same, but the internal walls, doors, etc. would be different. Or multi-level towers - same thing. Again, not a make or break type of feature but would make map creation a bit quicker for multi-level buildings with the same foot print.

I believe you’re asking for a feature that is a part of the “multi-select tool” (which I notice doesn’t have its own thread on this forum). This feature hasn’t made it onto a monthly roadmap yet, but you can see it’s high up on the Long-Term Roadmap Snapshot.

The multi-select tool will allow you to select a part of the map and then do various things with it including moving it, cutting/copying then pasting it (including in other maps), and deleting it.

My intention is to also allow users to select only certain layers (so you could use this to move some tokens over a bunch of filled cells, without fucking up the filled cells as well). I haven’t designed the tool’s interface yet, it’s mostly just in my head, and this layer selection part seems like it’ll be tricky to design in a “feels nice and simple” way, so we’ll see how it all shakes out.

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