Feature Request: Two Things (one is easy)

Still loving Shmeppy. I have two ideas for features:

  1. A pinned feature request thread on the forum
  2. An overlay for the map creator/DM – this would be an overlay that ONLY the creator/DM can see. For instance, I’d like to remember where I placed a trap, but if the players see there is fog of war in only one spot…or if the fill color is different, its kind of obvious.


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  1. I don’t understand (1), could you elaborate?
  2. This is part of the named regions feature I mention at the bottom of the long-term roadmap. It’s a as-of-yet-undesigned feature but this is one of the explicit use cases I’ll be trying to solve with it if I can.
  1. I just meant have a single post (pinned or stickied to the top) where folks just make requests.

Great to hear that the second is part of the named regions feature!

I see, I intend for features to be requested as threads, rather than posts. I think a single thread would be far too noisy.

There is a category for them to keep them organized though #features-bugs.