Hotkeys for palette colors

This has been requested quite a few times now by many users: hotkeys for the palette colors.

Now if you press any of the number keys, you’ll change which palette color you’ve selected. I’ve updated the UI to hopefully make this behavior easily discoverable:

The numbers strike me as visually noisy, so I may play around with the treatment of them further.

Happy Shmepping ya’ll!


Alright, I’ve tweaked them a little bit to be slightly lower-contrast. Gonna let that sit for awhile. Please weigh in if you have thoughts about the visual treatment here though.


another awesome QoL feature! I love things like this that just make stuff -easier-

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Just ran my first game since this feature went live and I gotta say, this might have been the missing piece for me. Shmeppy feels like an extension of my brain now, it’s just so effortless to sketch things out. (And the lower-contrast numbers look good on my screen too.)

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