Shmeppy got my players hyped

I DMed my first session using Shmeppy last night and can I just say: wow. I was not expecting the reaction I got from my players.

This campaign is being run across 3 different states so naturally we’re gaming over video chat. The moment I first broadcast my screen showing Falcon’s Hunting Lodge being swarmed by little red token’s with random orc names, one big token labeled “Gorthok the Thunder Boar,” and 6 little color-coded tokens with all of their PC names on them, they were elated.

This was a big battle. 20 orcs, 2 Orc War Chiefs, and 1 big Thunder Boar against 6 PCs and 4 NPCs is no menial task to manage. Shmeppy saved my ass as a DM. There is no way I could have kept track of all of that going on at the same time.

But instead of the fight getting bogged down with trying to remember which orc was up next or whether or not that one already died, Shmeppy allowed us to flow effortlessly from one combatant to the next. My players had a blast, they were engaged, they lost track of time to the point where it hit 2 am for some of us and we had no idea, and they were so impressed with the map I had made and the app I was using.

I know it’s a long way down the road, but I swear to you, as soon as early access ends and the subscription starts, I will pay money in faith that a feature to import maps is on its way. I never want to use any other map tool. Absolutely incredible.


That sounds awesome! I’m glad your session went so well and that ya’ll liked Shmeppy so much :blush:.

I think you mean uploading images to use as maps when you say “import maps” which I’m planning to deliver before (or at the same time as) subscription access starts.