Temporary outage affecting background images

Shmeppy’s background images are stored on an external service (called “DigitalOcean Spaces”). This external service is currently experiencing some issues and as a result most background images will not load.

This should be a temporary problem but unfortunately we can do nothing but wait for them to resolve the issue. They have a status page that I’ll be monitoring in case there’s anything on my end that I need to do after they’ve worked out what’s wrong.

Sorry for the delay’s ya’ll.

They’ve marked the outage as resolved despite the fact that they’re not yet serving Shmeppy’s images properly :frowning:. I’ve contacted their support team but in the meantime I’ve worked around the problem with a release.

They opened up a separate incident for the problem Shmeppy was experiencing. Looks like it’s it’s fixed now but I’ll give it a day before I roll back my workaround.