Token Functionality

I like using Schmeppy as more of a support tool for playing DnD 5e in my home game, I like to run it on my desktop as the DM and have my laptop casting to a television as a player for my players to view encounters/battles. As a consequence, all players do not have control over the tokens in Schmeppy and often want to dictate to me where they would like to be moved.
I think being able to move tokens in increments (via the arrow keys on the keyboard) would be phenomenal, primarily for the purpose of being able to count squares for moving characters. Furthermore, I believe being able to select and move groups of tokens as the dungeon master would go a long way towards improving user experience.

There’s a feature planned that would show you how far you’re dragging a token, as you’re dragging it. Do you think that this measuring feature would solve the problem of “being able to count squares for moving characters” sufficiently for you?

This (and similar bulk movement features) has been requested a lot and I’d definitely like to add it.

The tricky part is making a “mass movement” tool that lets you move any subset of the various layers (fills, edges, tokens, fog of war, etc), without being a pain to use. Not quite sure what that’ll look like yet.


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This is definitely a huge help. And broadcasting the distance to all the users connected to the game is a welcome addition too :slight_smile:

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