A smorgasbord of bug fixes and UX improvements

Just made a release fixing a few small issues:

  • Having an empty display name no longer breaks Shmeppy’s UI for you.
  • You can no longer register with an empty display name, nor can you change you display name to be empty (only-whitespace is still OK though).
  • Tool hotkeys now work regardless of caps-lock or shift status.
  • Some common mispellings of Shmeppy (shmeppi.com, www.shmeppi.com, schmeppy.com, www.schmeppy.com, and www.shmeppy.com) all redirect to https://shmeppy.com/. Haven’t got HTTPS redirects set up, but that’ll come eventually (ie: if you go to https://shmeppi.com/ you won’t be properly redirected and will instead get a cert error). Hitting a mispelling with HTTPS is also far less likely since you’d have to type the protocol explicitly, so hopefully not a big deal.