Add PayPal support

Dear johncs
Im verry sorry if my English is not on Top of the Hill.
I enjoyed Shmeppy for so long and had so much fun creating all the Maps for my DND Campaign and im a great Fan. But since im from Europe and we dont have the american Card System i cant subscribe to shmeppy anymore. Its a bit much to ask, but could there be a possibility that the Option of paying with Paypal could be added in the one of the next Patches. I know that is not easy at all but i love what you created here and i really dont wanna lose this great Tool since i had so much with it until the start of the paying periode. I hope you may consider this Idea

You’re right, adding PayPal support isn’t easy unfortunately. Stripe (my current payment processor) and PayPal are competitors so they don’t make it easy to use both at once.

It will probably be awhile before I get around to adding more payment processors unfortunately :frowning:. But I would like to.

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