Added the "Help & Community" page and a dropdown nav

Shmeppy now has a “Help & Community” page. At the moment it’s just a fancy (albeit useful) page with three links on it. As I learn the best ways to get users started and help them, this page will grow with tutorial content and other articles.

There’s another page I’ll be adding shortly: an About page. This will house the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Donate link, and presumably some actual “About Shmeppy” content. Even with just the “Help & Community” page, the number of links on the top right were getting unwieldy, so I made a dropdown menu to house them.


Bonus: I’ve also made it so that when you click the Shmeppy logo on the top left of the screen, you’ll be brought to the most recent game you visited. Found myself wanting that when I was on the Account or Help page.

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