Advice - Forest Maps?

Anyone have some tips on building a forest encounter map? All I can think of is different shades of green, or tokens for trees.

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I’ve seen both used to good effect. When I’ve done it I’ve used shades of green to show misc bushes and general forestry, and brown to indicate substantial trees that could actually make for good cover or climbing.

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I’ve found using tokens for trees and bushes is best to signify to your players they can interact with them, e.g. there’s something hiding there or they can use it for cover, as it they pop out from the normal background of the map.

I’m with John here. I use a light green for normal terrain, a dark green for thick brush (D&D’s Difficult Terrain), and a brown/really dark green brush for trees/bushes that are big enough to be used for cover

Here’s a camp in a forested area I ran in a game recently. I did the trees in brown with a darker brown edging over them. The darker greens are some vegetation that can provide some cover, and the more light brownish was just for variety.

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Here’s one I use a fair bit.

Campfire in the centre. Fallen logs around it for protection. Large tree trunks are 4 squares, smaller ones are singles. Dark green are bush (+2 to cover, difficult terrain). Grey are rocks (+4, give you 5’ of height if stood on and you can lie prone behind them). There’s a fallen tree on the bottom of the map.