Allow zooming via scroll wheel/track pad

This feature is way overdue but I’m excited to get it out to ya’ll finally :blush:.

Ctrl + scroll doesn’t work for me on Firefox 95 beta.

Just tested on Mac OS X on Firefox 95 Beta and Ctrl + Scroll worked. What OS are you using? I’ve got a windows dual boot I can try on.

I am on Windows 11 using Firefox 95 beta 3. I can test on my M1 tomorrow as well using Firefox.

Edit: also doesn’t work on beta 4 and doesn’t work in private browsing (no extensions enabled). Does work on Chrome (but I don’t use this browser).

Aha! I was able to reproduce it in FireFox on Mac OS X but only while using a mouse (rather than my laptop’s trackpad). I have a patch that fixes it and will release it soon (probably tonight). Thank you for the bug report!

Fixed in Show dimensions when resizing tokens and a couple small changes.