Alpha Order in Games Side Bar

I have searched around to see if this is an existing feature request. I am still very sheepish about making feature requests. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to put the contents of the game sidebar in alphabetical order? As the campaign proceeds, there are more and more maps (games). Finding the right map is getting harder and harder.


No need to be shy about feature requests. It’s my job to keep track of it all. And I don’t fault folks for sending duplicate requests my way.

This makes sense. Though I really wanna stick a search bar in the games sidebar and I think that would help a lot with this desire as well. Adding the ability to actually delete maps will also help I’m sure, since it’ll be easier to keep the game lists a bit less cluttered.

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Deleting maps would be good. Presently the archive is a trash bin, so map deletion is not urgent. From a development side, which is more work for you: a search or an alpha sort?