Alt is not a key on all keyboards

Mac keyboards in Australia have their “alt” keys labeled “option” for example. The help text for the tools only say “alt.”

This was reported by sefe on Discord.

I did a bit of research into whether I can detect whether the keyboard the user has shows “option” or “alt”. I couldn’t figure out a way.

I did a bit of research into why the two names exist, and why sefe would have a keyboard without alt. I found that there used to be a stronger distinction, but it’s been diminishing over time. Australia might be unique in that macs are sold with an option key that doesn’t also say “alt”.

Because of the diminishing usage of “option”, my guess is that almost all users of Shmeppy will know that “option” is the same as “alt”. So if they have a keyboard that says “option”, they will still understand the help text.

So I’m not going to change anything about Shmeppy right now. However…

If you have a keyboard with “option” on it and didn’t know how to activate Shmeppy features that relied on the use of “alt”, please comment in this post. I want to know if this is a point of confusion for anyone.