An improvement to the registration flow and some bug fixes

Changing your pending registration’s email

Previously, if you registered for an account and made a typo in your email, you would need to completely re-register. That’s not a particularly big deal right now, but it will be a bigger deal if you already entered your payment information (which is a change that’s coming). In preparation for that, you can now change the email of your pending registration immediately.

Shmeppy now considers big tokens when calculating map bounds

Shmeppy needs to know how much of the infinite canvas you’ve used at various points. Like if it’s exporting your map to an image or just trying to figure out where it should let you pan.

Previously it didn’t take into account large tokens, only considering the top left corner of the token to be “used”. This could mean that your large token gets clipped when doing an export, or panning behaving strangely.

But now it does take large tokens into account! Yay!

Shmeppy no longer falls over if the database restarts

Shmeppy’s error handling is fairly robust, if an error occurs while it’s handling a request from a user. But if Shmeppy’s database restarts (like as part of an automatic update) an error will occur outside of the context of a request. In this case, the error would blast through all of Shmeppy’s error handling and wind up taking the entire application offline.

This happened a day or two ago. Fortunately I was online and brought it back up within a minute, so I imagine very few people noticed. But this happened several months ago and caused a much larger period of downtime, so I wanted to fix it properly this time.

Shmeppy will now handle this sort of error much better (at least if it originates from the database). Shmeppy will of course not work very well when the database is offline, but it will immediately start working again once the database is back online (rather than dying and staying dead until I come and revive it).

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The process that took down the database is the only automated process that could impact Shmeppy’s users afaik. It’s a job that applies critical security updates automatically. I could’ve excluded the database from its gaze but I greatly prefer the route I took.

Scheduled maintenance windows would not be an appropriate fit for Shmeppy’s needs but of course I use a staging environment :sweat_smile:. You can mostly trust this Keeper of Shmepps: I am fairly well-knowledged in the ways of dev and sysadmin work.

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