An invisible internal change and a smol aesthetic one

I’ve made it so that if you upload the same image multiple times, Shmeppy will actually only store it once. This should give some decent space savings since uploading an image multiple times is quite common.

I noticed the automatic smallification that happens when the screen isn’t very tall wasn’t triggering at the right time: the code didn’t know about the new background button that was added. But now it works again:


Hopefully this’ll be a non-impactful release but, as always, please let me know if you see anything weird. Happy Shmepping!

Actually something I was curious about, are these images store in the cloud? Images stored in the browser cache is actually a major issue with one big rival of Shmeppy, making it impossible to save maps and causing the sync between gm/players to be slow and more than a bit craptacular.

I have been very pleased with how snappy and responsive your solution is. What ever you’re doing, it seems to be The Right Thing.

Yup! The data gets uploaded to Shmeppy so they’ll be available on any computer you log into.