Any way to turn off token snapping?

Is there any way to turn off grid snapping for tokens? Shmeppy is almost exactly what I’m looking for, but I play a system that uses only straight-line distances, so the inability to place tokens at arbitrary (non-snapped) locations is really the only thing standing in the way of me using what is otherwise a sublimely simple but powerful tool.

Unfortunately not. If it ever did get implemented it’d probably be a very long way down the road.

Thank you for the very prompt reply. I understand you have a lot of features much further up the priority list. While that means I sadly won’t be able to make use of Shmeppy at the moment, I wish you the best in its continued development–you’re off to a commendable start–and I look forward to giving it another look in the future.

Which system are you using where this is critical? I’m just curious, partially because this is so far off from how I play.

I’m currently running a game of Original Dungeons & Dragons. It’s definitely not the only, or even most common, system to use the straight-line distance/wargaming approach to combat: the classic Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game system by West End Games uses it, as does Cyberpunk 2020.