Aquarium Sci Fi RPG Map

GM and player view of an aquarium that has been taken over by the fish. An attempt at a car on the road and various trees. Also an attempt at a road. :slight_smile: Players need to retrieve an ‘organic item’ from the dais surrounded by sentient fish and water.

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Had a successful science fantasy RPG run in the aquarium this evening. Used a dice room. Sent the rolz dice room link to the players. That room had the links to Shmeppy and zoom in its wiki. There is only one mechanic for the RPG. Players cut and paste the sole macro into their chat and away we went. Very intuitive. Players knew what to do on the board without explanation.

  1. There seems to be no fast wipe erase like a dry erase board. Erasing required fill erase, then edge erase and the each individual token’s erasure. Moving the players to clean part of the board was the only counterintuitive experience.

  2. Should the GM be able to see token’s movement ring? The player tokens flitted about. The more exciting the play the farther and farther the token moved on the board. Hahaha. I was expecting to see the token movement ring in order to keep track of player movement. This was not actually a problem as there are no movement rates in this RPG rule set.