Automatic sizing of background images

I just deployed a change to the testing server that lets Shmeppy automatically detect grids in images and size them appropriately.

Try it out and let me know how it does! It performs well in testing, but there’s certain kinds of images that it has trouble with.

I’ll be working on improving the auto-detection but I’ll also be working on prototyping a new interface for sizing images that I’ve come up with. Alignment is definitely a sore spot right now and I want it to not be.

Happy Shmeppying ya’ll!

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The auto-detection works great for the things that I tried! :clap:

Is part of the interface you are thinking up allowing making the images 2x (or 3x, etc) of the detected size? Curse of Strahd has a habit of making the maps it provides 10ft by 10ft grids, which means I would have to double the scale that Shmeppy provides when importing a map.


Oh interesting!

I do plan on allowing simple 2x-ing and 0.5x-ing the image, though not originally for that reason. I was going to do that because my algorithm will sometimes think the cell width is almost exactly 2 time or half of what it should be, and I wanted users to be able to easily correct that when it happens.

Sounds like the multiplying feature will be doubly useful :slight_smile:.

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