Background Images turn up grey

Hey. Im trying to upload a png for a background image, but all i get is a complete block of grey. Any help?

You’ll get a block fo grey while the image is loading and then if there is an error, you’ll get a red block. My guess is that you’re trying to upload a very large image. Could you try with a small image to see if that works? Like this one:


I’m also working on checking Shmeppy’s logs right now to see if there’s any related errors in there.

ah okay. you were right it was a large image, ill see if i can get it to completely load

You could try making it smaller in an image editor first but you can also just wait awhile if you’d like it as-is. Good luck!

Ive been doing this for the past several days now, and have never got past the grey loading. Any other ideas?

Do you get a gray loading screen for every image that you try or just that one particular image? If it’s just the one, could you upload the image here so I can try?

Figured out a problem that’s likely related to what you’re experiencing. I’m guessing if you try to upload that image now, you’ll get a red box at least.

If you’d like to do some quick back-and-forth debugging with me, hop on the discord server. But I’m happy to go back and forth on this forum as well.