Be more Shmeppy with Shmeppy

Some Shmeppy thoughts and creature requests.

  1. Quick access to more colours. The players are attached to their token colours. They notice if the colours are off a hex character. Colour choices are finely tunable, but another row or two presets would allow me to be a faster Shmepper.

  2. I would not use backgrounds. This would remove the abstractness and move away from the theatre of the mind. Theatre of the mind is a way of saying I don’t have the resources for expensive art.

  3. A Sessile token. A token that cannot be moved by accident. This would help with the tokens that are used in map-making.

  4. A borderless token. It would be nice to have a borderless token for two reasons. 1) it can hide in the fill and become a label or sign. 2) Assist in using tokens as part of abstract map creation.

  5. Reveal token move radius to host.

  6. Ability to delete old maps.

  7. I miss the free draw element of dry-erase boards. A quick drawing of a new beast or device communicates so much. It is also usually done on the same board as the map. Shmeppy is wonderful and different from a true wet-dry-marker erase board.

  8. toggle laser on. This is just to prevent my recurring embarrassment of waving my mouse around without the laser and expecting everyone to understand. Yes, the spacebar is easy enough… :wink:

So glad to read that my players will be able to join up for free. Shmeppy is an invaluable tool that frees me up to focus on story and less on “premium asset purchases.”

thanks so much!!


Some random unordered thoughts

This is an interesting approach to the “just lemme stick labels wherever” feature that gets requested fairly often… I’d be worried about how you’d be able to select a token you’ve intentionally hidden to move or delete it, but I guess if you put it there you know it’s secretly there :thinking:.

I’m excited to add the “making the color eyedropper tied to a hotkey” feature that’s been talked about here and there. I think it’ll make color juggling much better.

I think allowing users to extend the number palette slots will also help, but I do suspect that people would end up forgetting to leverage the additional slots. Making the “grab an existing color” flow lightning fast feels like a better solution to the real problem.

I’ve been pretty-much convinced that this’ll be the way to go. I’ll add a trash can before long.

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Presently I hide tokens under FOW. They are still visible to me as a GM. I would expect that an invisible token token would still appear on the GM map. That is how I label rooms for bigger maps. GM can see it.

I respect your aesthetic and we do need constant reminders of what we don’t need. :wink: Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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