Beginnings of tablet support lands on testing server

You can now use a tablet to join a game as a GM or a player :smiley:. There’s still a decent amount of work to do to finish off tablet support but a good bulk of it has been completed.

There’s about 140 commits since the last release so there’s more small changes than I can list here. But for the most part I’m trying to keep everything the same for non-tablet users.

The most notable change to non-tablet users is probably the larger color palette. I wanted to do that to make selecting colors easier with my finger and then decided I liked the new size on desktop too.

There’s also an eraser “color” in the palette now that can be used instead of right/alt clicking (which is hard on a tablet). But I think I’ll have that only appear if the computer has any touch interfaces so that’s a temporary change.

Take a look if you have a tablet handy! I hope I’ve come up with something that works nicely :slight_smile:.