Bug fixes, (maybe) speed improvements, and eye dropper improvements

Just pushed a grab bag of changes to the testing server.

The biggest change is that the eyedropper now grabs the color of the object it’s over, and not just the color that’s visible on the screen. For example, if you filled a square with the color #FF0 and then fog-of-warred it and then hovered over it with the eyedropper, you’d get #FF0 (previously you would’ve gotten a slightly darker color because the fog-of-war would’ve grayed it out slightly). The eyedropper doesn’t work with images at the moment, but it will soon.

I also did a couple of speed improvements to Shmeppy’s internals, though I’m not sure how big of a change it actually ended up being. In benchmarks it seemed like the code was going to be about 20x faster, but in practice it doesn’t feel that way :woman_shrugging:. Not sure why yet.

And finally there were some bug fixes with the eye dropper and also the select tool grabbed tokens that were just outside of the selection area accidentally.

Happy Shmepping ya’ll!