Bug Report: Client Crash

In a session I ran the other day, I encountered an issue that caused one of my player’s clients to crash. What happened, is my player was moving their token, and while they were moving (before letting go of the token), I accidentally covered their token with fog of war, at which point their client immediately crashed, and they needed to reload the tab.

Thank you for the report.

I know of this bug, there’re some other ways of making this happen as well. It’s what happens when an illegal operation gets queued up on the client somehow. In this case, your player was trying to move a token that (for them, because of fog of war) no longer exists.

It’s not a particularly common occurrence I think, and refreshing will always fix it, so it’s not high up on my priorities to fix. I’d be interested to hear other folks’ experience with this bug though.

Perhaps it’s more common/annoying than I think.