Cannot copy and paste tokens between maps

I would’ve thought copy and paste would solve a repetitive task like this decently well. What’s making copy and paste insufficient?

This doesn’t work for me currently. Using the select tool, with only token select enabled, copying and then pasting in a different game results in… nothing. This is what I see when I paste:

Copy and pasting tokens between maps works for me @Ferzath. I think you’ve probably found a bug that only appears in a particular environment and I’d love to figure out what the environment is so I can fix it. What operating system and browser are you using to access Shmeppy?

If you use Discord, it might be easier to chat through there real quick to try and figure out how I can reproduce the bug you’re seeing:

I am using Win11 and Firefox 95 beta 11. I think we are in different timezones for discord as I am just now already in bed. Will check discord tomorrow.

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They reported that it’s working now over Discord. Either a transient issue or maybe the token layer wasn’t selected to begin with :woman_shrugging:. Assuming it works for now.