Churn the pot: pre-work for other changes

Another release today: a good amount of refactoring was done. This was something I had been putting off for awhile, but it was finally biting me enough that I had to go and resolve it.

Unfortunately, the refactor didn’t cause any user-facing changes, including any bug fixes :(. It was done purely to allow future changes to be done. One such future change that is also in this release was a polishing of in-game navigation. There was a lot of flashes of weird content when you went from one game/page to the next, and the logged-in experience just didn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I think navigation now seems pretty reasonable, and the behavior of Shmeppy seems to be a lot more cohesive.

Another future change that this refactor enables (though I did not get it into this release) is a task that has been sitting around for awhile but only now is ready to be acted upon: “Load up the last visited game if there is one, instead of creating a new game, when the user logs in.”

I’m very excited to mark that one done :).