Clarity of design issues with payment forms

@Learuis had some feedback around how the payment forms communicated what was happening or the state of the world, as well as how they’re laid out.

- there seems to be a delay of about 3 seconds after clicking “Upgrade to GM” before I can click into the fields to type my card #, exp date, and CVC. The mouseover shows the standard mouse, and when they become clickable it turns to the “input” cursor.
- no credit logos are displayed, so I don’t know whether my card will be accepted or not
- the links to cancel/go back are in a different place than the save button, which feels a bit weird. To Save there’s a big button at the bottom, but if I change my mind, it’s a link in text above the fields.
- i’m not sure when the recurring charge dates are going to happen. it’s clear that my first charge will be March 12th, but will it consistently be every 12th after that? or exactly 30 days afterwards?

Please add your own thoughts here or message me on Discord if any of ya’ll have more thoughts around this.