Click and Drag Token Selection

Small QoL feature that falls into Shmeppy’s purpose. Simultaneous selection and movement of tokens could help streamline transitions of reused tokens from map to map, or facilitate group movement during encounters. I found myself unconsciously clicking and dragging (a la RTS selection) today when making a many-token encounter. Other options would work too. Perhaps a SHIFT-click to select multiple tokens would be more easily implementable.


This would be something quite useful. I have a part of six, and recently I had them in a raft floating down the river. My plan was to use a very large stretched out token as the footprint of the boat, and allow them to move around on it, while they moved down a small stretch of the river in combat. However, moving 7 total tokens (boat and 6 PCs) became really cumbersome, so I had to just have one “boat” off to the side that showed where they were standing on the boat, and then the actual boat in the river. It worked, but was awkward.

Of course also just for the ability to move a group of tokens between different parts of a map if you have different sections in the same “map” would be VERY nice as well.

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Moving a groups of tokens between maps also is dream feature.

Yes, being able to move the whole party in marching order in a dungeon would be very nice!

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