Custom boat for my players

So last week I put up a pick of the map for my seafaring campaign. After a long day, I can say I am super pleased with how it turned out. The pictures are of the three main areas of the small ship and then the reference photos I took inspiration from. Definitely took inspiration from the Death house map shared on here, in that using a larger scale size for more detail. One thing that kept bugging me was no diagonal drawing to make my edges smoother. All in all, I can’t see another dungeon program being able to make this. Also, the custom grid that I used was an 8x8 square and that roughly equals 5ft.

Hope someone finds this cool.


Crows Nest


This is gorgeous. Showed it to a friend the other day and was like “it’s wild to see people making dope art using a tool I created, look at this goddam amazing boat.”


Oh yeah I just tell my players to keep it zoomed out and have tokens that are like 7x7 just for ease of viewing and we count squares. I know they are hard to see but each 8x8 square is 5 ft in game. So we just count square instead of looking at shmeppy’s ruler. So 20 ft is 4 squares etc. Hope that helps.

I did try to make the squares pop way more but my players actually really liked the subtle lines and since it’s a boat anyway I play more or like if your character wanted to move around they’d probably be able to!

User-interpreted dimensions, definitely. This is why the measure-tool uses cell width as its only unit.

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So, as someone whose party might soon hit the high seas… any chance you’d be willing to share the .JSON file for this? It’s flipping excellent

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Boat for Party.json (1.1 MB)

Hope I did this right! Thanks, it took so long to make but I honestly love how it turned out! I lost my stats and haven’t found any boat combat I liked, so the price of my .JSON is any tips for how you’ll run boat encounters!
Anyway, I hope your party enjoys this, and its well used!

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Thank you kindly!! This will be my first go at boat combat so I’ll have to let you know if I learn anything useful after the fact :sweat_smile:

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