Does anyone have some random nitpicks to share?

I’d love to grow my list of small and quick improvements I can make to Shmeppy. Is there anything that bugs you about the current experience? A menu that’s one pixel out of place, a workflow that’s workable but kind of annoying, etc.

I tried running an adventure with Shmeppy last night. Overall experience was great. Some points my players mentioned when I asked for feedback are as follows:

  • They had a bit of difficulty highlighting the cube or other areas of effect. (possible solution: maybe shift+click on the laser tool? :thinking:)
  • A laser draw and text?
  • Multiple people using the laser tool at the same time is confusing :joy: (possible solution: different laser colors per user connected to the game?)
  • So far, so good, Shmeppy :clap:
  • The simplicity of it lends to the ease of use

I’ve been wondering a lot about the future of the laser tool. I’ve wanted to expand it’s functionality to make it able to share measurements for example. Like a visible-to-others measuring tool.

But it strikes me that there’d be this weird overlap between the laser and measuring tool. And when someone wants to share a measurement, they’d probably instinctively go for the measuring tool and look for a way to make it public. Rather than going to the laser tool and trying to figure out how to make it measure.

There’s definitely some design work needed here. Not sure what the right way to go about all this is.

To add on to addicteduser, having some way to show AoE (and leave them on map) would be great. Just imagining a wall of fire or poison cloud or something like that and not being able to show it on map to where players can react around it would be a problem.

Not sure if circles are a problem from a coding perspective, but it would be great to give players the options of creating tokens maybe with some “standard AoE size” options. So my wizard has access to a 15’ cone token they can drop in for burning hands, or a 15’ cube for thunderwave. That way there is a finite number of things you can create because most AoEs have standardized sizes, etc.


I’ve got two:

  • Mobile / touchscreen laptop support. This would make my life 1000x better.
  • Ability to distinguish between nothing and fog of war. It’s currently hard to tell if a room ends or if the party just can’t see far enough