Does Shmeppy feel too laggy?

Some folks were talking about Shmeppy feeling laggy on Discord yesterday.

My working understanding of the situation is that Shmeppy is laggy for some people, but generally fine, especially for people’s typical use. But please take a moment to answer this poll if you can, and help me confirm/update that understanding:

  • Unbearably laggy
  • Laggy but it’s bearable
  • Not particularly laggy
  • Something else… (reply below)

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There’s obvious things I can do to make Shmeppy less laggy if it turns out that’s necessary, but it will take time away from the other things I’m working on.

So, on a new fresh map everything is snappy and all is right. But once I’ve filled a few hundred cells, have a ton of fog of war, and lots of tokens, I do notice slowdowns. The laser gets more angular, scrolling ends up feeling choppy.


I’ve made some large maps, and when making grand scale environs, it does tend to bog down a lot. I will say, if its possible to make it smoother with larger maps that’d be awesome and a welcome upgrade. The only other thing I would request is a larger zoom-out, especially for larger maps.

Or perhaps you could, (down the line when everything else is running the way you want it), make a map size selection. Like, at the beginning when you are starting a new map, you are given a choice of how big you are looking to make the map, and that dictates how far out you can zoom. The reason I think having a larger zoom out would be a good thing is because, on those bigger maps, it takes a long time to move around those creations. Again, that sort of addition could definitely wait till after everything else is how you want it.

Looks like I had a good understanding of the situation. Fixing Smeppy’s lagginess will continue being an important but not crisis-level thing to fix.

Thanks ya’ll!


Shmeppy has little to no noticable slowdown for most maps, but larger dungeons start to have slowdown issues on the DM end. IF you start getting really big (read: approaching 1k by 1k) the fill tool can take 10 to 15 seconds to update, but that tends to not happen unless you make multiple poor decisions in succession.