Feature: Allow guest nicknames and named interactions

I think it would allow for easier tracking of what’s going on / who’s doing what, if when a guest joins a game they can edit their display name. And whenever anyone moves/places a token, their names would display briefly (maybe as a hover / tooltip?) indicating who’s making that interaction.

Guests editing their display names probably won’t happen for awhile, just because it’d be a fair amount of UI to bolt on with a pretty minimal gain. They can always create an account if they really want a custom display name. But I don’t think there’s any problems with doing it besides the amount of work involved though, so it’ll get done eventually.

Showing an indication of who’s doing an action sounds like a neat idea I haven’t heard before. I was planning on doing this when someone’s using the laser tool, but maybe all interactions could benefit from this :thinking:.


Laser is the main one, I would suggest.

Not sure how I’d like to see it: colours of laser correlated to users? Probably the biggest value gain.

If you do implement measure/spell effect tools, having them tagged by user would be handy too.

I could picture a workflow that would take care of this with no new UI required, although it would be a change from the current status quo:

  • Users can place 1 token in one randomly assigned color (probably not from the current palette; same color could be used for lazors)
  • User can name said token
  • The name gets shown in the user window

That would also free the GM from creating and coloring tokens for all the players who join, especially when the map isn’t erased for new encounters but the same players join multiple “games”.

i love the idea of players who join get assigned a color. then that color can be used for “their” token or for subsequently created tokens (ie summons, companions)

i put “their” token in quotes because it has been argued against restricting players to be assigned tokens and i dont like that premise either. as a dm i like when players can move around npc tokens, it frees me from having to move them myself.

i do hope players get the ability to create new tokens and by default those came “colored” to match whoever created them to know who’s doing what.