Feature Request: Common Tokens cross map save window

It’d be nice if you created a little window in the top left to drag tokens to; to save them across maps so that the dm could drop the party tokens in there and not have to constantly make 5-8 tokens of player characters with their custom names and stuff on each map.

Or if you don’t want to have complications you could call it the party window and limit it to 7~8 tokens

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I second this! I would also be happy with a copy and paste that works between maps.

For the time being I have a landing page which contains all tokens (player personas and referee personas). This includes the fav colour, emoji and name. I keep the referee personas behind a fog of war.

I duplicate this landing page and make my new map there. All the tokens I need are on my new page.

Hope this helps.

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Call it a persistent token palette. Make it a GM only feature.

One of my very much desired features.

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