Feature Request: Cone in Measure Tool

When I have a powerful dragon making its breath weapon, I want to know exactly where that can affect. I have two suggestions for ways to implement a cone measurement tool in Schmeppy. (I didn’t see a feature request for this, so my apologies if one already exists.)

Option 1. Holding ALT while in the Measure tool switches the display from a circle to a cone (60 degrees, base as long as height).

Option 2. Holding ALT while in the Measure tool freezes the line to the cursor in place, and moving the mouse away draws a cone whose base extends to the cursor (giving dynamic cone sizing). Releasing ALT would switch back to the circle view.

I believe that these would be simple to implement (as it’d be similar to the code for creating the circle display) and provide a feature that many systems need but we currently have to eyeball; all without significantly increasing complexity.