Feature Request: Copy Token

Here’s a simple idea for a feature that I would use all the time: Ctrl-click on a token to make an exact copy of it. If you just ctrl-click, it creates in the same square, if you ctrl-click and drag, it brings it along with your cursor and you can put it wherever when you release the ctrl+click.



The fact that Shmeppy doesn’t have multi-select is very embarrassing to me honestly :sweat_smile:. It’s the most frustrating part of Shmeppy I encounter when I’m GMing. I’ve definitely had the thought “how does anyone put up with this?”

I think that this interface your describing would be fine if tokens was all I was worried about selecting. But I’d like to allow moving any of the map objects at once so I’ve got a design for a dedicated multi-select tool pretty well solidified. (When the multi-select tool is selected, each other tool will have an essentially-checkbox next to it that’ll let you decide which layers you want to grab). And I don’t really want two ways of accomplishing the same task.

I do have a hunch that multi-select will be the thing I immediately work on after I’m done with subscriptions. But that’s probably not too comforting given that I’ve been working on subscriptions for the past half year/forever :sweat_smile:.

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I think you meant to put this as a reply to the other topic. I don’t think I can move it? But I also don’t see how I would if I could. :slight_smile:

Ahaha oh wow, this was the topic I meant to post it in, but I was also thoroughly confused. I replaced “copy” in my head with “move”. Sorry @Learuis!

The multi-select tool will allow copy and pasting however, so very accidentally I think what I wrote mostly applies anyways.

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Multi select would be SO nice for moving the entire PC group at a time, or bringing hidden tokens out of the fog of war onto the active map. Something like holding ctrl+selecting would seem intuitive.

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