Feature Request: Customizable Toolbar

Here’s something that’s been nagging at me as a possibility, especially with all the feature requests and possibilities in the forums.

How hard would it be to implement something where the GM can customize what tools are immediately available in the their own toolbar? I imagine this would be linked to the map, but I suppose it could be linked to the user instead, not sure which is easier. Either way, I think it could allow for the addition of more features without clogging up the screen with a massive toolbar. The “default” toolbar wouldn’t have to be any bigger than the current toolbar, and then if you decide to add more features (like spell AOE, dynamic FOW, etc) which each add a new button to the toolbar, those can be hidden behind an “expanded toolbar” option, which GMs could then drag and drop to have the options they want to use immediately available.

I think this would help to not be overwhelming to new users, so it preserves the immediate simplicity, but also accommodate a little more of the complexity that others are looking for (not TOO complex, obviously, but you know what I mean). It also means that if a user doesn’t use Fog of War, for example, they can just hide it in the expanded toolbar slot and keep their screen even cleaner.

Again, not sure how viable an option this is, but I thought I’d throw it out there!

I’m hoping this won’t be necessary.

The zoom tool is going to be moved off the toolbar into a separate component. And I’d like to unify the laser and measuring tools. So the toolbar should shrink by two items.

The tools on my radar for getting added are multi-select, background images (though this might not be a tool… it could be controlled by the selection tool once it’s added), and eventually labeled regions (though that is still very much in concept and maybe the unified laser will cover some of it?).

I’m trying to keep Shmeppy’s functionality very focused so these methods of making a complex program feel less complex aren’t necessary.