Feature Request: Cut / Copy and Paste

I think an option to copy and paste would be really useful for mapmaking. Both for the ability to not have to draw several identical rooms, and also in case you realize you’ve made a small mistake and need to move an entire room 1 block down. I haven’t seen any other posts related to this so far, so I thought I’d toss it up and see if it was doable / planned. Thanks!

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This is an accepted feature. I think I’ve got some of the larger design problems figured out in my mind, and I think it should be fairly straightforward… albeit hugely time-consuming because of how many small pieces are involved.

An informal poll on Discord awhile ago where I asked folks to rank (in terms of desirability to them) the three features:

  • Mobile Support
  • Copy and Paste
  • Background Images

Resulted in the ranking (1) Background Images, (2) Copy and Paste, and (3) Mobile Support, which seems reasonable.


This would definitely help GMs and also lead to some more interesting work-arounds for other problems people have with the game. Copy and paste would help solve other issues people have like:

  • Creating groups/mobs of creatures and moving the entire PC token group
  • Help with saving duplicates of maps for reuse
  • Give people options for quickly outlining spell effects (particularly spells/effects that move)
  • Speed up map creation
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I’ve created a mock up of how copy and paste might work if GMs were given access to a clip board to use between different games, even an option to export and give someone else a ‘clip board’ item to use in their games.

Something like this would solve multiple issues at the same time, but its implementation is probably far more tricky than I am assuming.

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