Feature Request: Deleting Maps

I would suggest a way to delete maps. Especially after starting 20+ new ones, it gets hard to find the map you are looking for. And the archiving, I use for the maps I might come back to.


This is something I would love to see as well. I was actually just looking for a method to do just that, cause I have several maps that I’m never going to use again. I guess a simple solution is to just delete all the changes made to that particular map and then just use it to make a new one, since you can easily change the name and the contents of that file.

Still, just to keep everything clean, having either a delete function or perhaps a better file system to sort everything into different campaigns and even old maps that won’t be used ever again. Either option would help with map/campaign management.


Here to bump this up! I’d love to have a delete option!


Bumping this again, as exporting a map to backup then re-importing it means you keep doubling your maps because you can’t delete the old ones. There’s also an archive feature, but it’s unclear what that does exactly.

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This has finally been implemented! It was a part of the release a couple weeks ago. Thanks for your input ya’ll :slight_smile:.