Feature Request: Folders for Map Organization

I’ve got a couple dozen maps at this point spread out across a few different campaigns. I’d love some organizational options for them. Maybe just being able to make a folder for separate games?
Would anyone else use this?

Absolutely yes. They are maps in games and alpha order or folders in alpha order would be faboo!

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I’ve got a bunch of maps too. Several folks have asked for a proper “delete the map” feature to solve the clutter. That seems like it’d do a good enough job in most cases.

Do you feel like a way to delete maps would solve the clutter for you? From your description it seems like you have a ton of maps you wouldn’t want to delete though…

There might be a couple of ones from one-shots that I would delete, but I end up building a lot of towns and such that the players come back to frequently. I may not be using it quite the way it was intended as a quick battle mock-up though. But it works really well for building towns and dungeons too.

Deleting maps would be great