Feature Request: Font Awesome symbols on tokens

Allowing to use fontawesome symbols on tokens could help diversify them besides just text and color.


You can use emojis in token labels. Is that kind of what you were looking for? Or is there something in the font awesome set in particular that you’re drawn to?

Dang it, I meant rpg-awesome (https://nagoshiashumari.github.io/Rpg-Awesome/). It comes as svg and type font as well.

While you can use emojis on labels, that limits the user to only what’s available in unicodes (which is not much), and may vary depending on what device the person is using.

My idea would place the icon on top of the token. This would help people identify tokens quickly regardless of labels. I made a mockup to show what I mean: https://snipboard.io/zZNj4O.jpg

This could be a feature you could charge for in the future as part of a subscription or even maybe a one time charge. If the lines are too smooth for the blocky view of the vtt, I could help create blockier ones that better suit the aesthetics of the platform.