Feature Request: Infinite Board

I’ve seen a lot of people asking for multiple pages etc. But what about creating an infinite board? Where scrolling/panning past the edge of the current map adds more board to draw on. This way players won’t have to delete anything to make room for new stuff. There are a lot of note taking apps which have this feature and I find it quite useful.

This is how Shmeppy currently works, though it expands infinitely as you draw, not just through panning.


Aha, yes I see now. The implementation is a little awkward to me. I would like to replace my request to allow it via panning, then I could “pan” myself enough blank space to do a new map without erasing an older one or having to draw on unused edges to open up space.

That may come when the minimap lands, but at the moment, you’d definitely get lost in the map too easily.

I’ve been thinking about that post large-map-UI as well though, because you’re not the first user who didn’t realize the canvas was infinite immediately and it’d be clearer if you could pan around to expand the map.


Suggestion: Allow panning until the current drawn tile is just at the edge of the screen. Right now, you can only pan until a drawn tile is about 1/2 down the screen; that is both less convenient if you’re intentionally expanding the map and makes it less obvious that you can expand the map.

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