Feature Request: Large Tokens

Large creatures that take 1x2, 2x2, or larger spaces are difficult to represent with existing tokens.


Definitely a feature I plan to add: I often refer to this as “variable sized tokens”.

Someone told me awhile ago that they had to use the fill tool to approximate this feature in a game :cry:. While I’m happy Shmeppy’s tools are composable enough to fill in gaps like this when needed, users shouldn’t have to do that…


+1 on this! I absolutely love the simplicity of Shmeppy compared to Roll20. It forces you to not waste time on details, which ends up letting you spend more time playing the game. But for token sizing, this is one of those features where you almost have to have some way to show creature size during battle, so it takes away from the game play a bit having to move 4 tokens around. Can’t wait for this to be implemented!

+1 Again! When do you think it will be implemented?

Thank you

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Excellent timing. I’m almost done with this feature. Should be shipped to users before the end of this week.

With Tokens can now be resized ✨ this feature is shipped and ready to use :tada:.

Thank you! I will try it