Feature Request: Lasers and Pings

I’m working on a one-shot right now with a friend and we thought it would be useful if you could change the colour of the laser to better distinguish between the trails of each user. Additionally, one feature request inspired by Roll20 (sorry) is the ability to ping a point to alert all users. I think it would be really useful, and would make sense as a subfeature of the laser tool (on right click, maybe?).


Pinging will be landing as part of the mobile work I’m doing :slight_smile:.


Adding on to this, red is hard for my R/G colorblind player to distinguish except for the movement. Being able to change the color would be awesome.

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In my campaign I made a rule that you have to say “I’m indicating with the laser” before you start lasering, otherwise we have no idea who’s doing it. It would be great to have different laser colors per person and to have the option to show the person’s name next to their pointer.

An option actuate the laser by my mouse button rather than being always-on would also be helpful.

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