Feature Request: Layers

I like to use Shmeppy to make dungeons and combat arenas for TTRPGs and one feature that I think could go a long way would be layers. Similarly to how they would work in image editing software like photoshop or photopea, you could layer maps onto each other which could work for verticality, like an upper floor or basement to a house, or a balcony overlooking something, or a catwalk that crosses straight through a room from on high


I’d love to have a feature like this as I’m running a alien esque style campaign where vents and such are really important and a workaround I’ve figured out is by just copying and pasting a version of the map and then drawing the vents on, it works but its very clunky and not streamlined well :frowning:

This is probably my most needed feature. It’s hard to do something like a multi-story building that’s outside. Because you gotta either have the overworld map separate from a map with each level of the building, or you have to redraw the building’s floor-plan every time the players ascent/descend.