Feature Request: Multiple Color Palettes

I was thinking it would be nice to have more than 9 colors available at a time, and having multiple palettes of 9 colors that you can switch between would be an elegant way to add a bigger color space while keeping colors easy and intuitive to select, especially with number keys. Maybe Shift+1 would open Palette 1, Shift+2 would open Palette 2, and so on. Combined with saving custom color palettes as someone else has suggested, I think making simple colorful maps would be a much smoother experience.

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This has been requested before in Revised Color Swatch Section. It’s definitely something that’s been on my mind. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it before too long.

The multiple distinct color palettes is an interesting idea. I worry that it would be a tricky thing to use for users but I’ll think about it some more. There’s several ways to go about it, each with trade-offs.


Might I suggest having an import/export for color palettes?

Also it’d be cool if you could open up a map, import your palette, and then have an option asking if you’d like to keep the map and only import the palette, or should you update the map as well? Updating the map would mean that for each color, change every cell/edge/token to the new color for each number 1-9. So if 3 is red, and importing would make 3 orange, then every cell/edge/token that’s red would now be orange.