Feature Request: Reset map

I would like to record a map state and then later return to that state.
It would help me run adventures more than once since I do not have to undo all the changes that happen during game play.

For example I am going to run an introductory module for two different groups of players. After the first play of the adventure I have to return all of the tokens to their starting location. I have to add back in the fog of war. I have to remove any other marks that were needed to record the action.

With this feature I would be able to skip all of that and focus on other tasks, such as helping new players make characters.

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Long-term there will be a very direct and nice-feeling way to do this. Medium-term there will be a likely-acceptable way to do this.

First, the mediuk-term: the multi-select tool will allow copying and pasting between maps. So you’ll be able to create a map and then duplicate it. This’ll let you keep you “starting point” in a map and copy it off each time.

Longer term: I’ll expose the history of maps to users (Shmeppy has the entire history already, but it doesn’t let users interact with it meaningfully). So you’ll be able to scroll back in time, find the starting point you want, and just fork the map off from there.