Feature Request: Save Color Settings

It would be nice to have a way “save” the color palette to between games. I would like to prepare some maps ahead of time, and want them to have some consistent colors between them. (style for what colors I am using for grass, water, trees, etc). Currently, when you create a new game, the default color palette is restored and I have to pick all those colors again. Perhaps a user color palette that travels across games?

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This is a great idea. Though I’m not sure how I’d design it…

Notably I’m planning to implement a “duplicate this map” feature before long, which will at least be one way to carry over a color palette to a new map. Not sure how effectively it will address this need though.


Bumping this, as almost immediately upon exploring the app I discovered you wouldn’t be able to easily have multiple maps already set up as you’d have to get your colors in order every single time.

In addition, it’d be nice to be able to replace every instance of a color when changing it in your palette.
For example, if you change color 3 from light blue to cyan, then every edge/cell/token that’s light blue should change to cyan (maybe an option when changing the color so this isn’t always the case, giving the user a choice to update the map or just change the palette?).