Feature Request: Taxicab and Measure Scale

Something that has come up a couple times in my most recent game is the measurement tool, and the little indicator that comes up when you’re moving a token. It’s super useful to measure how far your character or token is moving/able to move. I have two suggestions for how to improve these measurements after playing with them for a while.

Suggestion # 1.) The ability to measure using taxicab distance. This might be best implemented in some form of map-options menu, or perhaps with a new shortcut like Ctrl + Click. For those who aren’t aware, taxicab distance is measures the sum of the horizontal and vertical components of a line rather than it’s actual length.

Here is a mockup of what this might look like:

This kind of distance-tracking is used in several RPG systems, and can still be helpful in others. I think it’d be a good addition.

Suggestion # 2.) The ability to change the scale of the grid on a map. Again, this might be done through some kind of map-options menu. All this would do is change how many “units” a square on the grid is worth. For instance, in D&D, it is standard for each square to represent 5 feet of space. While this kind of calculation is doable in your head, it’d be very convenient to be able to have the measure tool display more accurate distances to your game world.

My appologies if either of these have been suggested before. I read through the Features threads before posting, but could have missed any posts about these. Lastly, thank you for creating such a great and simplistic mapping tool.


This has been a longstanding request and there’s been various talk about it now and again, like Feature Request: Options for Measure Tool.

I’ll pretty much certainly add this, and I think I have a good idea for how. I’ve been kicking around ideas for how to add tool options to the interface without making it feel too much more complex, and I think I have a good grasp of the problem.

I think it may be awhile before it’s actually implemented and ready in front of users though… it’s not in any of my current roadmaps. I suspect I’ll try and tackle Copy + Paste first, and there’s some stuff in front of that feature as well… I definitely wish there were more of me to help out with Shmeppy sometimes :sweat_smile:, so much to do, and I’m not particularly quick.