Feature Request: Options for Measure Tool

Currently the measure tool uses a nice euclidean distance with a square size of 1x1. Two major improvements could be made here:

  1. Option to change square size. Probably fine to change once per game. 5’ is common in D&D and derivatives.

  2. Option to change distance function. D&D 5e uses Chebyshev distance, Pathfinder uses “Pathfinder Distance” (diagonals are either 1 or 2 units, with every 2nd diagonal is 2 units), and Taxicab distance could be useful too. Again, this option could probably be set per game.


Yeah, I’d love the distance to be translated into 5’ (or 10’, that could be a setting) increments.


It would be nice if you could broadcast to the others the output of the measure tool


I agree.

I’ve wondered about a good way to do this… Unsure. A way to draw a line annotated with a distance with the laser tool might make sense, though it’d be kind of “far away” from the measure tool. I’ll keep thinking about it.