Feature Request: Token Directional Arrows & Visible Measurement Tool

Was gaming the other night and had a fairly large map with a number of tokens on it. There was also a large amount of FoW. I was using the Measurement Tool to determine Line of Sight. Out of this two thoughts for features came to mind:

  • Tokens with directional arrows - it would be great to have arrows show which direction a given token is facing.

  • Would also be very useful to be able to share the measurement tool so players and GMs alike can see where you’re measuring from and to. Right now it’s a user-specific thing.


I was looking at some Old-School Revival rule sets and it seems like it would be nice to have token direction as an option for rules like backstab. If I recall other rule sets correctly, I think this would be useful for certain rules that have flanking as well.

Maybe it could be an optional feature that pops up when holding left-click on a token and then pressing a number on the number pad, and then something like a dot shows up on the edge of the token to show its direction.